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Ki volt Majer István?

István Majer’s activities are still shrouded in mystery – the encyclopedia dedicates just a few brief lines to this illustrious  pioneer in Hungarian pedagogy.However, his name is closely linked with the organization of practical educational activity (Master Training) and the establishment of a net of independent teacher training institutes. He was an ecclesiastical man, a prebendary in Esztergom and an honorary bishop. He was born in Mocsonok in the Nitra District on the 15th August 1813.He was assigned to the church office in Kürt on  the 26th February 1857 and remained in office until the 26th April 1866. It was written about him that “He had been working as if he was the people’s benefactor, their father”. These ten years were not recreational for him: during his stay in Kürt he wrote his most outstanding works. His work encompassed almost every genre of literature, but it was his pedagogical works and folksy writings that brought him the most popularity, and made him everyone’s Uncle István.

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