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The trip

The trip in a nutshell

I am starting my trip on Saturday the 14th of May 2011, in front of the István Majer bust in Kürt.  From here my three-month and 6000 km long journey will commence.  My journey will start as part of a program organized by the XXII István Majer scout team and the local primary school of Hungarian Language teaching in Kürt.  My return is planned to coincide with István Majer’s birthday.

The preparations for this trip started in January 2010, with a shorter one-month long route.  Since that time, my planned route has changed somewhat, although the ultimate destination has always remained the same.  I’ve also recruited two friends to accompany me on the trip.  Lehel and Előd will meet me in Rome, and afterwards we will ride as a trio.

Countries to be visited:


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