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“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” 
Albert Einstein/

I couldn't have started my story with a better quote because I keep moving all the time, too. I went by bike to the secondary school and later to the university, as well. However, 20, 30 and 60 km didn't satisfy me enough. I longed not only for more but also for something with a different nature: I didn't only want to use the bike for commuting but for travelling.

The idea of The Memorial Tour of István Majer has occurred to me in 2010. That time I was over a few one-week tours but I still wanted something more. I felt like I'm tainted. When a person gets into a certain vicious circle it is very difficult to get out of there – especially if we don't even want to! We get motivated by reading other adventurers'  writings. I already had the motivation, my itinerary, too, however my equipment had got a bit overused. In fact, I wanted to create something big. Dreams are for making them come true. So let's start! The first important step is to remember my dream which I want to make come true and that I have to do something for it. This, of course, means that we have to give up some things but THE TOUR will compensate for everything.

The first important step was to get a right transportation, in this case a severe trekking bicycle and tour equipments. Many companies has stood by the case since the first encounter and wished to support this project. That is, the tour wasn't only for the tour's sake. I wanted to dedicate it in memory of István Majer, the denominator of our scout team. The project is three-year-old: in 2011 my destination was Roma because István was a papal prelate. In 2012 my destination was Paris because he as a line engraver took part some times in world fairs. In 2013, in the year of István's two hundredth anniversary of his birth, I will familiarise with Carpathian Basin.

In 2011, for my first serious tour, I had planned a three-month and 6.000 km long tour through 7 countries. Though, during my way I had met two travellers and we decided to continue our trip together. Our plans had changed a little bit: we wanted to “taste” the flavours of East, therefore we shipped from Italy to Albany. Instead of the planned 7 countries we managed 11 one and 6.800 km. Since the boys rode home with me, it was polite to ride home with them, too. So after a few days of break we continued our way to Romania. The tour in 2011 had become 8.000 km long during four months.

In 2012, because of my job I could go “only” for two months. I wanted to exceed the 4.000 km long road this year by ascending Mont Blanc. I was carrying all my equipment for the ascent, therefore I needed a trailer. My bike weighted 88 kg in total.

And all this is just the beginning! How many interesting places are in the world: Nordkapp, Iceland, Karakorum Highway…and all these are the “near” dream destinations. My bike is given, now I only need the appropriate courage... :)


Majer István Emléktúra 2012

Üdvözöllek a Majer István Emléktúra 2012-es túrablogján, amely a kürti 22. számú Majer István Cserkészcsapat névadójának tiszteletére szervezett emléktúrát mutatja be.

A 2013-as túra augusztus 15-én, "István bácsi" kétszázadik születési évfordulóján indult... további info az új weboldalon! :)

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